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Company STEN D.O.O. was founded in April 2005 in Belgrade. Basic activity of the company is planning and carrying out of works in electric energy industry. The company also deals with savings and optimization in the power supply systems. In addition, we also draw plans and design special radio links and antenna systems.

Since recently, we have expert team for georadar survey and other geodesic works. We would especially like to point out that we are able to quickly and efficiently carry out works on design of connections to electric grid of the apartment and other facilities according to “turn key” principle, and with the provision of permit for use of the power supply unit. We are at your disposal for (possible) design and installation of any electric-electronic system with special purpose – in accordance with your project task from the domains of applied energetics, telemetrics, telesignalization, telecommand, industrial automatics and processing, measuring and regulation technology.

As far as servicing is concerned, we can say that we are professionally and technically equipped for maintenance of the most complex technical systems and equipment used in the aforementioned fields, through both laboratory and field activities. Our opinion is that our personal and unique long-lasting experience in servicing the most complex test-measuring equipment for testing cables (all power supply companies in the country, Telekom, public utility companies, water supply systems, Petroleum Industry of Serbia, etc.), medical equipment, forensic equipment and equipment for fundamental researches (science institutes, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Military Medical Academy, etc.) and the most various equipment and assets for numerous economic systems makes us qualified for even higher level of cooperation.

If you seek a partner with these performances, you are kindly asked to consider possibility of initiating business-technical cooperation with us.